The certification process provides the support enabling one to acquire the skills required to lead Micro-phenomenological interviews and analyze them in a research context. The certification allows one to claim to use the Micro-phenomenological method in conferences or articles presenting research results.

The conditions for obtaining a certification in Micro-phenomenology are the following:

1)    Interview training

  • Completion of the "Micro-phenomenological interview" training (35-40 hours)

  • Participation in a micro-phenomenological interview practice group (minimum 5 interviews as an interviewee and 5 as an interviewer)

  • At least 15 additional interviews

  • The supervision of about three interviews by an expert interviewer (individual or group supervision) is highly recommended.


2) Analysis training

  • Completion of the "Micro-phenomenological analysis" training (35-40 hours)

  • The supervision of about three interview analyses by an expert analyst (individual or group supervision) is highly recommended.


3) Research work

  • Performing a research work in Micro-phenomenology resulting in a methodological and/or epistemological advance.

       Content of the certifying research work

List of supervisors

Anne Remillieux <> (French)

Camila Valenzuela <> (Spanish, English, French)

Ema Demšar <> (Slovene, English)

Emily Hammond <> (English)

Jeanne Catherine Gray <> (English)

Katrin Heimann <> (Danish, English, German)

Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg <> (Danish, English, German, Swedish)

Bruna Petreca <> (English, Portuguese)

Stefano Poletti  <> (Italian, French, English)

Magali Ollagnier-Beldame <> (French)