13-17 May 2019, near Vendôme, France

Second Workshop of Contemplative Phenomenology
The Phenomenological Epochè as Practice, and the Practice of Meditation




29-31 March 2017, Lyon, France

Workshop “The experience of the first meeting between caregivers and patients”


Organized by the Thésée project


What do a caregiver and a patient live when they meet for the first time? What are the different facets of their experience? What place do words, gestures, cognitive activity, body, feelings and emotions occupy? How is the relationship created? How to study these first encounters and their stakes? Is it possible to foster first "successful" meetings between patients and caregivers?

12-16 June 2017, Nemours, France

Workshop in Contemplative Phenomenology
The experience of the present moment

The aim of this workshop is to offer graduate students and professionals (psychotherapists, cognitive psychologists, trainers in mindfulness therapies etc.) an insight into first-person approaches, with direct application to the experience that unfolds during contemplative practices.


A project of Mind & Life Europe, presented by M. Bitbol, N. Depraz & C. Petitmengin