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Our society faces a profound ecological crisis which threatens with extinction most living species and perhaps all humankind. This crisis is due to our way of life, which exhausts the earth’s resources. This way of life seems to be intimately linked to our blindness to our own lived experience. In particular, we are disconnected from the "felt" dimension of experience, this vibrant and quivering dimension where the separation between inner and outer space vanishes, where we recognize human and nature as made of the same stuff, of the same "flesh".

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The split we create between "inner" and "outer" space has the effect of depriving them both of life, of dis-animating them.Outside space, the non-human "environment" is perceived as an indifferent and inert space, filled with objects intended to be possessed and exploited. Cut off from the source of life and meaning, we ourselves are drained of our vital energy. This disconnection has catastrophic consequences in all areas of human existence. In this perspective, retrieving contact with our experience is the precondition that would allow the regaining of our lucidity, our dignity, and the courage to change our model of society.

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