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Micro-phenomenology allows us to describe finely our processes of perception, imagination, memorization or ideation, especially their attentional, emotional and bodily dimensions. In the educational field, a detailed knowledge of the micro-dynamics of the ideation and understanding processes could lead to innovative methods, taking into account the embodiment of thought.

At present, teaching indeed consists in most cases of transmitting abstract and discursive contents of knowledge.

However, if ideas cannot be reduced to their content, but have a genesis that is rooted in bodily experience, which can be fostered and accompanied, are these methods appropriate?

It seems urgent to develop new teaching methods, aiming not only to transmit contents, but to elicit the embodied inner state conducive to the emergence and maturation of ideas. By enabling children and students to come into contact with the depth of their experience, such pedagogy could re-enchant school, and help foster the creativity that is needed to invent novel solutions to the problems our society is facing.

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