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Training in Micro-phenomenology


Micro-phenomenology is a new scientific discipline enabling us to discover ordinary inaccessible dimensions of our lived experience and describe them accurately and reliably. The development of this "psychological microscope" opens vast fields of investigation in the educational, technological, clinical and therapeutic, as well as artistic, contemplative and ecological domains.


The training in Micro-phenomenology is intended for researchers and experts from these different domains who wish to be trained in this discipline.



The objective of the training is to learn the methods for

1) collecting precise and rigorous descriptions of the lived experience associated with a given sensory, emotional or cognitive process

2) analyzing  these descriptions in order to identify the structure of the described experiences and the possible generic structure of the type of experience under study.



The training is thus divided into two modules: the micro-phenomenological interview training and the micro-phenomenological analysis training.

Each module enables the participant to train in the corresponding (interview or analysis) techniques, to discover their epistemological background and their sources, and to learn how to use them within the framework of a research process.


Teaching and learning methods

They include theoretical presentations, demonstrations of the techniques, and guided exercises enabling their appropriation.



The certification guarantees competence in the micro-phenomenological interview and analysis methods and their use in a research context. It is required to claim expertise in Micro-phenomenology in conferences or articles presenting research results.

The certification process is optional and has an additional cost.





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