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The micro-phenomenology laboratory is a light, "without walls" structure, intended to federate the international research community in micro-phenomenology. It brings together a group of researchers from various institutions involved in one or more research projects using the micro-phenomenological approach, eager to discuss their practices and their results and to contribute to the consolidation of this new discipline.

The lab project

  • Strengthening the philosophical and epistemological foundations of the micro-phenomenological approach;

  • Refining the micro-phenomenological tools for collecting and analyzing data;

  • Adapting the micro-phenomenological approach to its various axes of application: educational, clinical and therapeutical, technological, artistic, contemplative;

  • Comparing research findings;

  • Creating a shared methodological vocabulary, founded in the act of phenomenological description;

  • Gradually creating micro-terminologies specific to different domains of experience.


The lab means

  • Training courses in the micro-phenomenological interview

  • Training courses in micro-phenomenological analysis

  • Micro-phenomenology practice groups and workshops

  • Deepening workshops

  • Seminars

  • Methodological support for micro-phenomenological projects or for projects involving a micro-phenomenological component

  • Constitution of research teams or "task-forces" for a limited time and a specific research objective.


Example of task force : the "Touching/Being touched by art" project

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